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At North Cascades CPA, the success of our business depends on the success of our clients. That’s why the most important service we provide is client service. We strive to exceed your expectations by making personal connections, providing timely turnaround on services, and communicating regularly throughout the year. 

Tax Services Anchor

Tax Planning

At North Cascades CPA, PLLC, we believe that careful tax planning plays a crucial role in our clients’ financial success. While we place great emphasis on the preparation of complete and accurate tax returns, well thought-out decision making throughout the year is what determines a successful tax result. We seek to work closely with our clients' financial advisors, retirement plan specialists, and other professionals in a team-oriented approach to ensure the best possible result for our clients. We specifically advise our clients regarding decisions related to:

  • Tax projections and tax payment planning

  • Timing of financial transactions

  • Real estate transactions

  • Gifting

  • Estates

  • Business transactions

  • Trusts

  • Entity structures

  • Business reporting

  • Business tax deductions

  • Retirement fund planning and setup

  • Stock option exercise decisions

  • Retirement timing

  • Wage structure and employee benefit planning

Tax Preparation

We provide thoughtful, comprehensive federal and state tax return preparation services. Our team of CPAs and accounting staff have over 150 years of combined experience in this area. We prepare integrated tax returns for the following entity types:

  • Individuals

  • Corporations

  • Partnerships

  • S Corporations

  • Homeowner Associations

  • Limited Liability Companies (LLCs)

  • Trusts

  • Estates

  • Non-Profit Organizations

  • We also prepare state income tax returns for every income tax state as well as local business tax returns including:

    • State of Washington Excise Tax

    • County Personal Property Taxes

    • City Business Taxes

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Financial Statement Anchor

Financial Statements

We provide an array of financial statement services to help you meet reporting requirements and give you deeper insight into your company's financial situation. We also provide attestation services for companies who are required to have their financial statements Audited, Reviewed, or Compiled by a CPA. We provide the following financial statement services: 

  • Reviews

  • Compilations

  • Audits of Homeowner Associations

  • Financial Statement Preparation 

  • Work-In-Process Schedule Preparation (GAAP Compliant)

  • We also prepare managerial reports to give clients greater insight into their operations:

    • Work-In-Process Schedule Preparation (Internal Use)

    • P&L by Class (Department, Job, Team)

    • Realization Rate 

    • Utilization Rate

Business Adviory Anchor

Business Advisory Services

Whether you sell goods, manufacture products or provide services, owning a business is fraught with decision making that is often unrelated to the work necessary to earn your revenue. The team at North Cascades CPA can help. We advise business owners on many financial aspects of their business including:

  • Business deductions

  • Business accounting

  • Payroll structure and setup

  • Business decision making

  • Retirement account setup and funding

  • Employee benefits

  • Officer compensation

  • Business expansion

  • Business purchase

  • Business sale or transfer

  • Tax planning

  • Cash flow management

  • Business tax compliance and reporting

  • Valuation advice

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Consulting Anchor

Financial Consulting

The team at North Cascades CPA, PLLC provide advisory services for a multitude of financial decisions. Should I buy or sell my residence, an investment property, a business? What are my financing or re-financing options? What is the best way to fund my child’s college education? How should I invest funds for retirement? Any one of these financial transactions and many others like them influence your tax obligation. We can help you find a path that makes sense for your personal situation.

Estate Planning

Whether you own a business or just want your estate to pass easily to your beneficiaries, the team at North Cascades CPA, PLLC can help.

We can advise you on the best plan for your situation so you can reduce the tax due on the transfer of your business and/or other assets, reduce complications for your loved ones, and ensure a smooth transition of assets.

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